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Iridium Iris @2014

New; version 1.1.0 has just been released of the bass guitar plugin for Windows PC - Reality Bass VST instrument plugin, now with a pattern maker and a new sampled 5th string.. you can find all information about the plugin here.

New; A Chord Finder PC application - Find out what chord you are taking, compare two chords with each other, see if they sounds good together.

Here is our A Chord Finder Guitar & Piano application for Android devices, like the LITE version but much more!

Chord Progression Harmonizer; This application will help you find chord progressions for your next hit song! You can play around with chords in the sequencer and choose or change key or chords. Songwriting tool for the mobile musician, useful for experiments and testing harmonies. The Chord Progression Harmonizer for Android devices

Here is our Guitar Tuner for Android devices

Free Stuff.. fonetik selen

Here is our simple free SFZ file for Sforzando/ARIA VSTi player electric guitar library, recorded in 96kHz 24bit

If you're on the buss or train and you have nothing to do, you can always turn this application on and play around with some notes! Here is our lite free version of the guitar A Chord Finder for Android devices

There will be more products soon, like the VSTi plugin.